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About AGG

Hello! My name is Mike Edwards and I have been maintaining property since 2001. My wife, Shay, and I moved to SLO County on January 2nd, 2010 to be near family.  I have three brothers, my mom and my daughter and her husband living here in SLO County.  Best of all we get to help with our daughter's three strong willed children whenever we have the mentally energy for it  :)  We love this county. The people, not to mention the weather, are awesome! I have to say, it has been a genuine pleasure serving the property maintenance needs of people who are so friendly and appreciative.

Shay and I moved here from San Diego, where I had my own business for over twenty years, repairing office equipment. However, in 2001 I began to maintain our church property and enjoyed it so much that when I moved here from San Diego I went to work with my brother who has had his own landscape maintenance company for twenty five years in SLO County. I worked with him for two before deciding to branch out on my own into South County where I live. I would be glad to provide references from satisfied customers I have been servicing for the last 8 years.

Most people want to know they can have confidence in their service personnel. I hope it assures you to know that while self-employed in San Diego I had a solid customer base and also performed subcontract work for several national companies, as well as four local companies in San Diego, relationships that lasted until my departure at the end of 2009. I maintained these subcontract relationships for decades, because my vendors knew that I would not take away their customers, and my regular customers knew I would treat them fairly.  

If you have ever had a hard time finding reliable, conscientious help then you have come to the right place! It is my pleasure to serve you! Whether you are in a mobile home or a mansion, allow AGG to put your mind at ease.



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